Foreign boat drug bust: 13 people arrested

Oct 09, 2019

Male (Maldives) Oct 09: The police have revealed that 13 people have been arrested in connection to the recent drug bust that involved a foreign boat in Maldivian waters.
The boat was intercepted 172 miles off Thuraakunu on Saturday night in a joint operation between Coast Guard and the police. A second local boat was also detained in relation to the case.
The police said six people from the foreign vessel, two Maldivians who went to the area in a local boat to collect drugs from the foreign boat, two expatriates on the local boat, and three other people believed to be associated with the network are currently detained. All 13 individuals were arrested on October 8, said the police.
The people on the foreign vessel and the two locals who went to fetch the drugs from the boat have been remanded 15 days while the two expatriates have been remanded 10 days in custody.
The police revealed the boat was carrying about 70 kg of drugs.

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