G20 promotes affordable access to COVID-19 vaccine

Sep 18, 2020

Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), September 18: The finance and health chiefs of the G20 economies have emphasized the need to ensure that all parties, including developing countries, have "equitable and affordable access" to COVID-19 diagnostics, therapies and vaccines.
They issued a joint statement after meeting via video link on Thursday.
Japan has been leading discussions on how to create a framework to achieve such access.
Finance Minister Aso Taro noted that private-sector companies are competing to develop coronavirus vaccines, and the prices of the resulting products will likely reflect the relevant patents. He said this could make the vaccines so expensive that some people will not be able to afford them.
Aso said Japan is proposing that the G20 must prevent a single pharmaceutical firm from acquiring excessive wealth by monopolizing the market.
He added that the G20 will continue talks on how to achieve its goals.
The meeting agenda also covered preparedness for another possible global spike in coronavirus cases.
Source: NHK World