ICSE ISC revised date sheet 2021 announced! Specimen papers changes, further updates, key do's And don't to follow

Oct 23, 2021

New Delhi [India], October 23 (ANI/Oswaal Books): The wait for the ICSE & ISC students has come to an end with the release of the date sheet for both classes 10th and 12th.
You can check the date sheet from the official website and go through it properly.
Here are key highlights: -
1. As Per the Revised ICSE ISC Class 10 & 12 Datesheet for Semester 1 Board Exams, ICSE Board Exams Commences From 29 Nov'21 and ISC 12TH Board Exams start from 22 Nov.
2. As concluded from ICSE ISC Datesheet For MCQs Based Semester 1 Board Exams, 10 Minutes Reading Time is provided, exclusive of 1 hour exam attempting time
3. ICSE ISC Semester 1 Board Exams to be in offline mode, with MCQs Exams to be OMR-Based.
4. Further Update Expected- CBSE would provide an extra circle in OMR in case the students encircle the wrong option, so that he may cross the wrong answer and fill the correct option in the extra circle provided in OMR. In the same way, CISCE OMR Update might be expected.
5. Major ICSE, ISC Subjects given ample time gap in Datesheet for MCQs based Semester 1 Boards. For eg, in ICSE 10TH Board Sem 1, Maths given 3 days time-gap, chemistry given 4 days' time-gap as per the ICSE ISC Revised Datesheet for Semester 1 Board Exams.
6. Already got the update for 2 Specimen Papers for History and English-1 in ICSE Boards. As Per the ICSE Board History Specimen Paper Changes, 2-mark MCQs replaced with 1-mark MCQs. Likewise, in English-I: 0.5, 2 and 5-mark MCQs replaced with 1 Mark MCQs. Since MCQs marks reduced to 1, number of MCQs increased in both the specimen papers.
Oswaal ICSE ISC MCQs Specimen Sample Papers Class 10 & 12 for Semester 1 Board Exams, collaborating with ICSE ISC latest Specimen Papers and latest Updates is an exclusive Recommended Resource for Semester 1 Boards: - Here is the reason why?

a) Includes All CISCE Updates for Semester 1 Boards
b) Most Likely Questions: - It includes all typologies of Boards for MCQs Based Semester 1 Exams.
c) Reframed MCQs from vital study resources by Boards such as PYQs, ICSE textbooks.
d) Includes Cognitive Exam Tools (Mind maps, Mnemonics) To Sharpen Up Memory Recall when in Exam Hall
e) Blended Learning Experience (Concept Video Based) to get Concept And Exam Ready
f) Decoding all tips and tricks (for all MCQs types for Exams from easy, tricky to difficult questions)
g) Detailed answers for MCQs
h) Exclusively Recommended by CISCE Boards Tutors
To Undergo Chapter-wise Topic-wise Mock Practice, ICSE ISC Semester 1 Question Banks might be taken into practice
Here's the recommended link for ICSE MCQs Specimen Sample Papers Class 10 for Semester 1 Board Exams:

ISC MCQs Specimen Sample Papers Class 12 for Semester 1 Board Exams:

So, without any further delay, let's walk through further to have a glimpse of the important things that you should be aware of regarding the ICSE ISC Semester 1 Board exams 2021.
So, just pull up your socks and excel in your ICSE ISC Semester 1 Board exam 2021!! All the Best!!
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