Veena Malik is putting her love for Pakistan on a music album

Sep 06, 2019

Islamabad (Pakistan) September 06: Veena Malik is working on another music album and this time, it's a tribute to her country.
The former actor spoke to Images about her upcoming project which "is with some really good people in the industry."
"We have poet Asim Raza on board, who composed the popular track 'Bol Kaffara' for Parlour Wali Larki."
Veena's first album, Rum Rum released in 2013 and featured her then popular track 'Drama Queen'.
However this time around, the album has a patriotic theme: "There are different types to tracks. Some of the songs are dedicated to Pakistan. In fact, the first track will be on Kashmir."
She added, "I'm coming up with some really good serious music which I hope everyone will enjoy."
Currently, Veena is still in the recording studio and there is no release date for the album.
Source: Dawn