Putin, Draghi discuss Poland-Belarus border crisis over phone

Nov 23, 2021

Moscow (Russia), November 23: Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the migrant crisis at the Poland-Belarus border, and bilateral energy cooperation in a telephone call with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on Monday.
Both sides agreed that dialogue between the European Union and Minsk would lead to a settlement of the current crisis at the border, the Kremlin said in a statement.
The Russian leader drew attention to Poland's "systematic violation" of the rights of refugees, and the brutal treatment of the migrants at the border by Polish border guards.
In addition to the border crisis, Putin and Draghi talked about the Ukrainian conflict, where Putin stressed Kiev's unwillingness to abide by the Minsk accords on Ukraine.
Energy cooperation was discussed at the initiative of Draghi, including Russia's readiness to supply gas to Europe including through the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.
Source: Xinhua

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