Lok Sabha Elections 2024: CEC Rajiv Kumar’s exclusive interview ahead of voting for 1st phase

Apr 19, 2024

New Delhi, Apr 19 (ANI): Chief Election Commissioner of India, Rajiv Kumar on April 19 urged voters to exercise their franchise in the first phase of Lok Sabha Elections 2024. He further affirmed that every arrangement is in place. Speaking exclusively to ANI, he said, “We have done earmarking in our electoral rolls of the Persons with Disabilities 40 pc and above - there is a facility to them to cast vote from the comfort of their home, if they so want. But our experience is that many of them want to come to the polling station. We provide them a volunteer, we provide them the wheelchairs and it's not a question of physical comfort which we want to provide, it's a question of giving them the due respect, the empowerment. We want to make our polling stations, our electoral process a case in point that if EC can provide them respect, can provide them equality, why not the same thing is replicated at railway stations, at airports, in malls? We have issued guidelines also to political parties to be very sensitive while talking about Persons with Disabilities.”