Military, police on high alert in Muscat following Sultan Qaboos’ death

Jan 11, 2020

New Delhi, Jan 11 (ANI): Following the death of Omani Sultan Qaboos bin Said al-Said, who left no heir to the throne, the police and military forces in the capital city have been put on high alert on Saturday. According to state media, along with declaring the alert status, Oman's high military council also called for the royal family to meet to appoint the country's next ruler, reported RT. If the ruling family fails to come to an agreement within three days, a 1996 statute requires a committee of military leaders, court officials and lawmakers to enthrone a person named by the former sultan in private, stored in a sealed letter. Qaboos was 79-year-old and was ill for a long time. He has served as the ruler of Oman since 1970 when he ousted his father in a bloodless coup. Qaboos had no children and has not publicly named his successor. Sultan Qaboos travelled to Belgium for a week in December for what was described then as "medical checks." He returned to Oman, but speculations of his deteriorating health were rife.